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Vietnam becomes a significant Apple partner

July 10, 2023 00:32 AM

Vietnam has emerged as one of Apple’s primary partners, ranking seventh in the world in terms of the number of Apple production facilities.

This acknowledges the growth and competitiveness of Vietnam’s electronics industry.

Vietnam ranks seventh in the world in terms of Apple manufacturing facilities.

According to DigiTimes, Vietnam has evolved to become a key manufacturer for Apple, with a total of 27 manufacturing factories as of 2022. This places Vietnam in seventh place globally and second in Southeast Asia, after only Thailand, which has 28 Apple manufacturing factories.

Top ten nations having the most Apple manufacturing plants in 2020-2022.
(Source: DigiTimes)

Meanwhile, according to Apple’s newly released list, the number of facilities/manufacturing sites of more than 200 Apple’s providers rose in China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and India, while declining in their native nations – the United States and South Korea.

The fast expansion of the electronics sector in Vietnam has attracted the interest and investment of famous technology corporations such as Apple. This demonstrates Vietnam’s progress and competitiveness in the sphere of electronics manufacture, while also opening up new potential for the country’s economic development resources.

The reasons why Vietnam is valued highly by Apple

Vietnam’s high position on the list of nations having Apple manufacturing facilities has confirmed Vietnam’s global standing.

Cheap and skilled labor: Vietnam boasts a youthful, active workforce that can learn rapidly and at a low cost. This attracted multinational manufacturers and investors, including Apple, to Vietnam in order to take advantage of low-cost, high-skilled labor.

Infrastructure development and an appealing business environment:

Vietnam has made significant investments in infrastructure while also improving the business environment. The construction of industrial parks, export processing zones, and leased industrial real estate, as well as the promotion of administrative changes, has attracted foreign electronic manufacturers to invest in and grow their manufacturing operations in Vietnam.

Reliable Partner: Electronics production facilities in Vietnam have established a long-term and trustworthy relationship with Apple. Vietnam has proven to satisfy Apple’s quality, manufacturing process, and delivery time standards.

It is a noteworthy achievement for Vietnam, which ranks seventh on Apple’s list of nations with manufacturing facilities, and demonstrates the rapid expansion of Vietnam’s electronics industry. This will also provide prospects for the country to attract further investment and growth of the electronics sector in the future.

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