Aims to become the market-leading industrial real estate developer in
Vietnam with outstanding quality products which include
Ready-built-factory (RBF), Built-to-suit (BTS) Factory/ Warehouse, Logistic Warehouse

About Us

Why choosing
Gaw NP Industrial?

Reputable Industrial Developer

Gaw NP Industrial platform was established by Gaw Capital Partners, a global real estate private equity firm, and NP Capital Partners, a local real estate firm with an extensive network and development capabilities in Vietnam.

Competitive Leasing Structure

Competitive leasing structure and many favorable policies for investors.

Strategic Locations

The platform was designed to invest in industrial properties in strategic locations to serve strong demands from import-export sector and booming of e-commerce and retail businesses in Vietnam.

High-Quality Properties

With committed capital of US$200 million, Gaw NP Industrial is expected to meet the soaring demand for high-quality logistics, warehouses, ready-built factories, and built-to-suit facilities with strong greenfield projects as well as through merger and acquisition transactions in key cities and industrial zones across the country.

Professional Properties Management

Gaw NP Industrial has a professional operation management system, ensuring all customer activities are smooth and quick as possible.

To become the key drivers of Vietnam’s industrial property market and contribute to Vietnam’s industrial advancement.

To support Vietnam’s upcoming industrial property evolution and attracting additional foreign by making investment in Vietnam as easy as possible.

  • Thoughtfulness: Putting ourselves in client’s position to bring most suited product & service
  • Attentiveness: Listening sincerely and with care
  • Dedication: Making every effort to bring client satisfaction as it is our priority
  • Honesty: Accept and learn on from our mistakes explicitly
  • Innovation: Keep finding ways to do better


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Organizational structure

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